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Smart Insulation Solutions

There are many options available when insulating your home and the ideal solution will be determined by many factors depending on what budget is available, what you would like to use the loft space for, how the roof was constructed, and what materials were used. In some applications there may be a need to combine more than one product to achieve the best possible performance to suit your needs.

Our expert engineers will be able to survey the loft space and recommend the best solution for you based on what you would like to achieve.

Cold roof Mineral Wool insulation loft

Cold Roof Solution

This is a solution that most people have seen and are familiar with. Here insulation is installed directly above the ceiling of the upper-most rooms of the property. As the name suggests the heat is kept in the house but is prevented from entering the loft space.

A cold roof is often a more cost effective solution however the area within the loft may not be ideal for storage or you if need additional space as the temperature will be similar to the exterior of the property.

Multifoil installation insulation warm roof loft
Multifoil installation.jpg

Warm Roof Solution

A warm roof places the insulation at rafter level directly underneath the exterior of the roof. This means that the loft space will maintain a temperature closer to that of the rest of the house and can be used as an additional room or storage space that will not be exposed to extremes of hot or cold weather.

Rockwool mineral wool insulation roof loft

Mineral Wool Insulation 

Often called fibreglass or fluffy insulation, Mineral Wool has been available for many years and has been widely used to insulate homes for decades. ​


This is the most cost effective and easy to install loft insulation. It is ideal if you do not intend to use the loft for storage or as an additional room. Mineral Wool can only be used as a cold roof solution.


The current government recommended minimum depth for fitting mineral wall is 270mm which means that it is so thick that loft boards cannot be fitted directly over the insulation without a suspended floor system which adds cost and reduces the available head height within the loft.

PIR Insulation roof loft walls floor

PIR Solid Insulation

PIR is a commonly used abbreviation of Polyisocyanurate and is available in solid sheets of varying thickness and different thermal performances depending on what is required.  It is load bearing and as such ideal for under floor insulation, it also performs well in roof spaces and can be used to create both cold and warm roof solutions. ​


There are some limitations to PIR as it is classed as a combustible substance therefore fire regulations must be considered and it may not be suitable for every application. ​​

multi foil insulation warm roof loft energy saving

Multi-Foil Insulation

Multi-Foil insulation is the most advanced and thermally efficient warm roof insulation solution available.

It is constructed by layering insulated fibres between layers of flexible foil to create a continuous 8 metre roll.  This blanket of insulation is then fitted across the entire interior of the roof and each area where the rolls of insulation meet are sealed with foil tape. this creates a sealed insulation blanket covering the entire roof interior.

A breather membrane is built into the multi-foil so that air can pass through the loft avoiding condensation without thermal loss.

Multi-foil offers benefits all year round by reflecting heat back into your house in the winter and reflecting heat away in the summer months.

Insulated Plasterboard.jpg

Insulated Plasterboard

Insulated plasterboard is an ideal solution if you want to use your loft as a fully finished interior room. It combines a smooth plasterboard finish with built in insulation and also provides a level of acoustic sound insulation too.

The thermal performance of insulated plasterboard may not be enough on it's own but this can be combined and installed alongside other insulation products to create a high performance overall solution.

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